Christmas, once again, is just around the corner.  For many of us, it is the most wonderful, exciting and joyous season of the year. Everybody is pre-occupied with how to decor and light Christmas tree, what gifts to give for families and loved ones, when to schedule family reunions and parties, what food to prepare for Noche Buena, and the likes. Christmas is literally a long-line of bucket list intended for merry-making.

             But how can there be merry-making when CoVid-19 is also just around the corner? The enthusiasm suddenly died with empty streets, long cue checkpoints, strict implementation of health protocols heightened by business closures and loss of job. Still fearing of the uncertain, it is an invitation to embrace and reflect CoVid19’s message this Christmas.

            As we jump start for 2022, let us not forget the true meaning of this Christmas season. This is the time to reflect, forgive, thank and move forward. Reflect and relive on the positive side of this pandemic. Forgive and forget unexpected indiscretions and inconvenience for peace. Thank and rejoice for the gift of life. Move forward, God has a better plan for each and everyone.

                This is a gentle reminder that giving-up doesn’t even have a slight chance.