2019 Accomplishments


This report features the accomplishments and innovations which the forty-two (42) strong men and women of the NAPOLCOM Regional Office 3 have achieved for the year in review. It is focused on the activities this regional office undertook to implement the Commission’s plans and programs based on its approved operation plans and budget. This report also highlights the performance of this office categorized under Police Administration, Crime Prevention and Coordination and General Administration and Support. For police administration program the following were achieved:


  1. Oversight of Police Administration and Operations
  2. Prepared and submitted the following plans and reports:
  3. CY 2019 Realigned Operations Plan and Budget (OPB)
  4. CY 2020 Operations Plan and Budget (OPB)
  5. NAPOLCOM Regional Annual Inspection and Audit Plans (RAIAP)
  6. Regional Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Plans
  7. Gender and Development (GAD) Plan
  8. Annual Procurement Plan (APP)
  • Monthly Accomplishment Reports
  • After Activity Reports on PCRM and NCPW
  • 2018 Annual Accomplishment Report
  • Facilitated the administration of survey questionnaires on the level of Satisfaction of PNP members on NAPOLCOM Plans, Programs and Police Advisory
  • Participated in the assessment of the PNP Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Development and Administration of PNP Entrance and Promotional Examinations (PNPE-PROMEX)
  • Received and processed five thousand two hundred sixteen (5,216) applications for PNP Entrance and Promotional Examinations.
  • Administered two (2) PNP Entrance and Promotional Examinations to a total of four thousand nine hundred thirty seven (4,931) examinees
  • Processed nineteen (19) applications for Police Executive Service Eligibility (PESE)
  • Inspection and audit of PNP offices, monitoring, review and evaluation of NAPOLCOM policies and standards
  • Inspected and audited one hundred fifty six (156) police offices/stations/units in Region 3
  • Monitored the following:
  • Extent of participation of sixty (60) Local Chief Executives (LCEs) as deputies in police administration in their respective territorial jurisdiction;
  • Involvement of eighty six (86) Police Officers in five (5) illegal activities;
  • Implementation of 113 decisions (38.83%) vis-a vis 291 total number of Decisions rendered;
  • Establishment and effectiveness of One hundred fifty one (151) established Women and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPDs);
  • Compliance of one hundred forty three (143) police offices/units/stations to Inspection and Audit Findings/Recommendations;
  • Failure of Thirty nine (39) Police Officers to appear in court as prosecution witnesses in criminal cases;
  • Status of Eleven (11) police officers charged with criminal cases;
  • Alleged involvement of Eighty eight (88) police officers charged with human rights violation;
  • Implementation of the Community and Service Oriented Policing (CSOP) System

                        a.   Management of Police Summary Dismissal Cases

                                    (NAPOLCOM Disciplinary Machinery)

  • Pre-charge Investigation
  • Investigated forty two (42) PNP Administrative complaints or 41.17% involving two hundred fifty five (255) PNP members
  • Summary Dismissal Cases
  • Forwarded sixty eight (68) or 64.76% Report of Investigation (ROI) on PNP Administrative cases to Central Office
  • Adjudication of Appeals: Regional Appellate Board (RAB)
  • Resolved thirty two (32) appealed PNP administrative cases, ten (10) Motions for Reconsideration
  • Investigated twenty seven (27) applications for benefit claims;
  • Adjudicated thirty one (31) Death Benefit Claims and one (1) Permanent Total Disability Claim;
  • Paid a total of Eleven million, five hundred eight thousand, three hundred sixty three pesos and sixty four centavos (P11,508,363.64) to thirty (30) beneficiaries of police benefits;
  • Paid a total of Four hundred fifty-nine thousand, three hundred eighty nine pesos and ninety four centavos (P459,389.94), to twenty (20) PNP scholars under the Scholarship Program for all surviving children of deceased or permanently incapacitated police personnel killed or wounded in police operation;
  • Confirmed ninety-two (92) NAPOLCOM pensioners


  1. Police Community Relations Month
  2. Led the celebration of the 24th Police Community Relations Month with the theme “Sambayanan, Mahalagang Kaakibat ng Kapulisan sa Pagtaguyod ng Mapayapa at Maunlad na Bayan”  in partnership with the Police Regional Office 3 to advocate for community support and promotion of police programs aimed at sustained peace and order in the region
  • National Crime Prevention Week
  • Spearheaded the observance of the 25th National Crime Prevention Week, with the theme “Buhay Pahalagahan, Komunidad Magtulungan, Krimen ay Hadlangan” in which active participation of the PNP, all government agencies, various local governments and private sectors were generated to raise the level of awareness of the public towards prevention of crime.
  • Search for Model PNP Families
  • Conducted screening of two (2) provincial nominees for the 2019 Search for Model PNP Families
  • Regional Winner PCMSg Sonny Tunay Montes of San Luis Police Station, Aurora PPO, was adjudged as second runner-up at the National Level
  • Conduct of Research on Public Perception on Community Safety and Crime Victimization Survey
  • Provided assistance in the administration of survey questionnaires and conduct of interviews to four hundred six (406) participants, as pre-determined by the Planning and Research Section from august 27 to September 4, 2019 and September 23-25, 2019.
  • Survey on the level of Stakeholders’ Satisfaction with the NAPOLCOM’s Plans, Programs and Policy Advisories
  • Administered survey on the Level of Stakeholders’ Satisfaction with NAPOLCOM’s Plans, Programs and Policy Advisories to two hundred eighty four (284) police officers as respondents
  • Assessment to the PNP Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Provided assistance in the administration of survey instruments and conduct of interviews to twelve (12) participants from November 18 to 23, 2019.


  1. PNP Personnel Transactions
  2. Processed a total of three thousand six hundred fifty-three (3,653) PNP personnel transactions
  3. 2,580 Authentication of eligibility/certification of eligibility
  4. 354 Certifications on eligibility issued
  5. 198 CSC verification of Report of Ration
  6. 6 CSC verification of Report of Rating forwarded to PAS (CO)
  7. 44 Application for grant of height waiver
  8. 9 Evaluation of PCOs recommended as CPOs
  9. 462 Clearance/Certification with or without pending administrative case
  • Human Resource Development
  • Facilitated the participation of personnel to a total of one hundred twelve (112) seminars, trainings, conferences and meetings initiated and sponsored by the Office and other government and non-government agencies to aid in the enhancement of personnel capabilities and improve capacities of regional office’s employees
  • Gender and Development
  • Kick-off ceremony for the Women’s Month on March 4, 2019
  • Recognition of women in the service thru serenade and giving of flowers
  • Observation of Purple Friday
  • Facilitated the conduct of Gender Sensitivity Seminar for Uniformed and Non-Uniformed Personnel
  • Participation in the Forum on Panawagan sa Halalan, Agenda ng Kababaihan
  • Attendance and participation to the activities of the Regional Development Council 3
  • Observation of the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women
  • Conduct of Culmination Activities of the 18-Day Campaign to End VAW to include Oranging of Hands
  • Re-organization and Oath-taking of recomposed Regional Men Opposed to Violence against Women Everywhere (MOVE)
  • Recomposition of Gender and Development Technical Working Group (TWG)
  • Participation in the PNP Activities
  • Participated in all phases of PNP recruitment in the two (2) recruitment cycles.
  • Actively participated as observer in the Police Regional Office 3’s pre-bidding conference and procurement of goods and services
  • Participated in all phases of PNP implementation of  lateral and regular promotions program for CY 2019


Earthquake Drill Orientation and demonstration of Earthquake Drill facilitated by members of the 301st Maneuver Company, Regional Mobile Battalion

International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2015)- With the aim to continually improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System, NAPOLCOM R3 successfully passed the External Audit.

Recruitment Forum for Police Service- This Office initiated the meetings of concerned agencies and proposed for a partnership and cooperation in order to achieve the desired quality of recruits and adherence to police recruitment policies.

Participation for the 30th SEA Games in Central Luzon This Office joined the Police Regional Office (PRO3) in the Task Force Central Luzon in the conduct of Red Team inspection and audit activities from November 30, 2019 to December 11, 2019, to ensure safety and security of 2019 SEA Games.