Amidst all the adversities brought about by current pandemic, the world has not stop moving. The same is true as well for employees who, despite misconceptions and unvalued efforts, has remained steadfast, positive and consistent in exerting and contributing to uplift each and every one’s morale in these trying times facilitating the smooth flow of all the transactions.

Like any other employee, “government employees” must break their brow to earn a living. In the exigency of service, they have to expose themselves to unfavorable and risky situation in order to render work for the delivery of basic services. Despite the widespread of COVID 19 leading to unprecedented circumstances, as government employees, NAPOLCOM RO3 has continued to perform and exemplify an institution of abled and energetic personnel surpassing its crucial and important tasks.

While most sacrifices and services rendered are not highlighted or commended, it goes without saying that it is the beauty of public service. They are heroes in their own right just like the famous line even the dull and the ignorant they too have their own story. Unsung heroes as they are and always will be, they kept moving forward hiding their own sacrifices and adversities which can only be seen on the other side of the wall if only someone takes a glimpse of it.

-Agatha Jose-